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Educational & Helpful

I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at our workplace.
Your content was educational and helpful!

One thing I’ll suggest on your website that I think might be helpful is: Under counselors maybe add their location and way of practice (whether it be in person, over the phone etc). I see this website being shared over great distances, so knowing the location ahead of time will be beneficial.

Overall, I’m very thankful you came to PAMI and I wish you the very best on your future en devours.

Destiny Hutchinson

February 13, 2019


Very Insightful

Thank you Kim and Donnie for presenting at the college. I believe that sharing and talking about Mental Challenges that many face is a huge step in healing. Hearing about the things that give you comfort and that you find therapeutic will help others also.
Being someone who did not know Craig personally, I would be interested in learning more about who he was and the things that he enjoyed.

Sandra Korte

March 25, 2019


Informative & Insightful

Kim gave a very passionate presentation, supported by her husband Donny and her daughter Cortney. She has a very thorough knowledge of some alternative therapies to Mental Health. I have yet to use the gemstones to the degree that provides the most benefits as she discussed. And even though I don’t generally fall under full hypnosis, I did follow her through the steps she took us on in her hypnotherapy presentation. I did feel it was a bit long, perhaps knowing how long it was going to take ahead of time would’ve made me a bit more prepared for the presentation. However, it was a very descriptive journey that kept my attention and made me truly feel relaxed and in some way removed from my surroundings. I do believe there are alternative options that benefit those who suffer from Mental Illness. As there are many options, Kim is a good resource of knowledge for some of them and more to come as she expands her knowledge and training. Thanks for donating your time for the presentation in trying to encourage future mental health presentations in the community of Lake Lenore. You are a patient, kind-hearted person, Kim, who is always willing to talk with anyone that is looking for guidance and help. May God guide you in making a difference in many peoples lives’ in this new journey you have taken!!

Laurie Meyer

March 15, 2019


Informative & Very Touching

Kim’s presentation was very informative, very personal, and very touching. There is so much thought and detail in every aspect of her presentation and website. This wonderful lady has deducated her life to helping others by sharing her story, informing others of resources and options to help you out of your darkness into the light. “Don’t be afraid, it’s okay, you aren’t alone,” she says. She speaks from her heart and soul with love. #lovewins

Laurie Szautner

February 15, 2019


I was able to see the “Anxiety & Depression” presentation, which focused on different ways to help overcome mental illness. I think it is very helpful for anyone struggling to be able to see what options are out there so they can take the first step.

Much of the information I learned in the presentation I will be applying to myself as well as to help direct others that I know who are struggling and could benefit greatly from the information provided!

I would only recommend that their is more information about how it feels to be someone who struggles with Anxiety/Depression, and what symptoms their are, as unfortunately, not everyone understands what it feels like or realizes how serious and real it can be.

I plan to take in more presentations from Kim in the future!


February 15, 2019