Can Electricity (EMF – Electromagnetic Fields/Fog) Affect Your Mental Health?

The answer to this question: Can EMF – Electromagnetic Fields/Fog affect your mental health is a very controversial one, one that has many different answers. Some people say “yes most definitely” while others say “no”…but more scientific studies are being done in this area.

What are EMFs and where do they come from?

EMFs are electromagnetic fields (Electric fields – produced by voltage (V/m – volts per meter) and Magnetic fields (uT – microteslas) – produced by electric current). There are two types of EMFs that we may be exposed to: (1) High-frequency EMFs (which can damage our DNA and cells) and (2) Low-frequency EMFs (which may affect the people who are sensitive to energy more than people who are not as sensitive to energy, but more studies are also being done in this area). As noted, some people are more sensitive to the energy given off by these electromagnetic fields than others. This sensitivity is known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS).

What creates or gives off EMFs?

In today’s world there are a lot of things that we use everyday that give off EMFs. The sun and the earth also have electromagnetic fields. Some of the items that give off Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that we are exposed to are power lines, any kind of electrical equipment (computers, electrical wiring in our houses and office buildings, TVs, microwave ovens, wash machines and driers, electric cars, and the list goes one…basically anything that creates or uses electricity).

There are also Radiofrequency waves that also give off energy (RFs) that we are exposed to everyday. These types of waves are given off by cell phone towers, cell phones, smart meters, wireless devices (like laptops, television signals, rotors, tablets and ipads, etc).

There have been studies that suggest that being exposed to EMF and  RFs may lead to feelings of depression and /or anxiety, and stress which can lead to poor sleep.

So…what are some EMF and RF exposure symptoms?

You may experience…

  • Poor sleep which may lead to insomnia.
  • Having a lot of headaches.
  • Depression and/or anxiety.
  • Always or often feeling fatigue.
  • Having a hard time concentrating and even irritability.
  • Having changes in your memory.
  • You may even experience dizziness.
  • Having itchy, tingling, or burning feelings on your skin.

My family lives very close to a high voltage power line. This high voltage power line is located not even 400m (a quarter of a mile) away from our house… it’s more like 210m (an eighth of a mile) away from our house.

Our son was challenged with depression and anxiety. He was also an electrician which exposed him to even more EMFs. He may have been sensitive to this high form of energy that was being given off by all the EMFs around him…but we will never know because he took his life at the age of 26. He passed away before we learned about all this information and the ways you can protect yourself from EMFs, and ways to get help with your mental health.

That is why I started blogging. It is my way to share the information I have learned and am learning about mental health, so that maybe I can help others. Maybe I can help them find help… the kind of help that may have helped our son, Craig.

A few years after our son’s passing, I was taking a class and at the class our instructor told us about one of her students that was married to an electrical engineer. She told us that this student and the student’s husband made a device to reduce EMFs. The device was made from resin and gemstones. The two of them used an EMF meter to test the EMFs given off by a sub-power station located not far behind their house. They tested it first without their resin/gemstone device using an EMF meter recording the reading they got off the metering device; then they went back home and got the little resin/gemstone device and placed it on the ground near the fence around the sub-power station and using the same EMF metering device tested and took readings.

After taking the new set of readings off the EMF meter they compared the before and after. They were amazed at the results on the EMF meter readings; therefore, they started making these little resin/gemstone apparatuses and selling them.

It wasn’t until about a year later that I realized what these two individuals were making. I put the pieces together when I happen to come across an article about an Austrian psychiatrist named Wilhelm Reich. Reich created this thing called an Orgonite Generator, and he was healing people with both physical and mental health issues. It is an interesting read…just Google Orgonite Generator and Wilhelm Reich and learn more.

After reading about Orgonite Generators and researching how to make them, I began making and creating my own Orgonite Generators. I started making pyramids of different sizes, pendants, pocket sized ones to carry in your pocket, ones for cell phones, and even beads to use when I make different pieces of jewelry. I also started incorporating them in my other artwork like my Cloisonne art.

I absolutely love making Orgonite Generators. They are not only a form of art therapy, but they also make you think backwards because you are working from the top down when you create them… it really plays with your mind.

One day during the summer, I decided I wanted to do my own experiment. I wanted to test my Orgonite Generators to see if they would really reduce the EMFs given off by power lines and power sub-stations, and the RFs given off by cell phone towers. So… I bought an EMF meter and proceeded to do my experiment.

When doing my experiment, I tested a high voltage power line. First I did the test without an Orgonite Generator, and then I brought an Orgonite Generator pyramid to the same location and measured the EMF with the same EMF meter again (only with an Orgonite Generator nearby).

The findings were hard to believe… to say the least.

When viewing the video remember…Electromagnetic (EMF) fields are made up of the Electric Field (the voltage), and the Magnetic Field is (the electric current).

Remember: Even when there is no current flowing… there is still an electric field. The magnetic field will be stronger when there is more electric current flowing and being used. Also, the farther you are away from the source of the EMFs (eg. a power line) the weaker the EMF becomes.

Here is a link to the YouTube showing the experiment I did with an EMF meter and my orgonite generator pyramid.

Here is a link to my YouTube video on how to make different Orgonite Generators:

After doing my experiment, I put one of the Orgonite Generators I made under each power line that crosses our home quarter to protect my family and anyone who lives around these power lines.

I am not an anti-power person. I like to go to the light switch and turn on the lights when I want light. I like all my modern – day amenities; therefore, I have decided to take the next step.

Since I want to have the luxury of power, I will protect myself, my family, and my neighbours and friends from EMFs by creating Orgonite Generators. If they work…like William Rieke claimed, then there is nothing to lose. They are also very beautiful pieces of art which in and of itself is great for one’s mental health.

Here are a few links to interesting articles about EMFs and mental health:,depression%3B%20sleep%20quality%3B%20stress.


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