What is an Access Bars Treatment?

An Access Bars treatment is a treatment where the practitioner holds different pressure points on your head and as the energy blockages release, they move to the next set of pressure points.

There are 32 pressure points on your head. 

Access Bars

This reminds me of a massage on your head, the only difference is… the practitioner is not massaging each pressure point they are just holding them.

My dad did not understand what I meant when I was talking about “the energy flow”, so I explained it to him like this:

It is like we have these little blood clots in the blood vessels in our brain (like a kink in a wire). These “tiny blood clots/kinks in the wire” developed because of a trauma in our life (a concussion, an accident, a loved one dyeing, a loss of a job, abuse (mental or physical), a divorce, bullying, and the list goes on). When the practitioner holds these different pressure points on your head, their hands create warmth, and the warmth in turn breaks down these little blood clots (or straightens the kink in the wire). Which then allows the blood to flow smoothly in your brain once again…also known to many people as the flow of energy.

After I explained it to him using more visual descriptive words, then he could actually visualize “in his mind’s eye” what was happening and it began to make more sense to him.

Access Bars does not involve any chemicals, and it does not involve taking medicine or herbs. It is about holding pressure points (the 32 pressure points) on your head.

Who Created Access Bars?

The two individuals are from the United States, and they “created” (so to speak) Access Bars. These two individuals are Mr. Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer (a chiropractor by trade). They (Mr. Douglas and Dr. Heer) say that these 32 pressure points on your head are where you store all your ideas (your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and attitudes) and by getting an Access Bars treatment, it is like pressing your brain’s delete key and restarting your brain (just like what you sometimes have to do to your computer)…a reboot…an attitude adjustment.

Does an Access Bars Treatment help alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression?

We lost our son to suicide on January 28, 2018, because of bullying (because of a Romance Scam). Since March of 2018, I have been receiving an Access Bars treatment once a month. I find getting an Access Bars treatment helps me settle down my brain and it relaxes me. An Access Bars treatment is meant to be a very relaxing experience. I do find the treatment helps me manage my stress, anxiety, and depression.

When the practitioner is holding the different pressure points, they are warming up the blood and softening the blood vessels just through their touch (which provides extra energy).

When you experience a trauma, your brain becomes rewired; therefore, you need to restore your brains blood flow (the health circuit) without taking all these new short cuts that were created by the trauma.

Since an Access Bars treatment settles the brain down, this treatment may also help individuals challenged with ADHD or ADD. Like I mentioned before, it helps the blood in your brain flow better and smoother…creating better brain energy.

Dr. Terrie Hope, who is from Toronto, Canada, did a study and wrote a paper on her findings. This study included participants from all around the world. In her study, she was trying to find out if Access Bars helped people struggling with anxiety, depression, and stress. In her report, she reported that:

A 90-minute Access Bars session on average reduced the severity on anxiety symptoms by 84.7% and reduced the severity of depression symptoms by 82.7% — Dr. Terrie Hope’s findings

Dr. Terrie Hope is now working on another study on the use of Access Bars with people struggling with PTSD. 

Access Bars was a game changer for me. It may be another option for you too if you are struggling with anxiety, stress, and/or depression.

Even if you are taking Western medicine for your mental health challenges this may be another tool in your tool kit… or as we say at M.E. Day Events “another part of your Team C.R.A.I.G.”

There are other Access Body Processing treatments that one can use to help with other areas of one’s health. For example, there is one to help support your immune system.

Once you try an Access Bars treatment, you may want to ask your practitioner about the other Body Processing treatments they may offer.

There are practitioners around the world practicing this alternative therapy. If you go to my main website at www.weareindividuals.com , there is a link under Access Bars that will take you to a webpage with a list of practitioners around the world and their contact information, or you may want to click on this link to find a practitioner near you.


Remember, there is help in the areas of stress, anxiety, and depression… so please do not give up.

At times it can be very challenging and very frustrating, and often you may feel alone and hopeless, but I encourage you to reach out and start building your team because it is very empowering. Creating your own mental health team is an individual thing. You need to keep trying to find treatments that work for you. Access Bars may be one of the choices you decide to try, and it maybe one that you continue to use as part of your mental health team.

Please use your semi-colon moment to “regroup” and pick another team member… another support… because it takes a whole team to defeat a mental health challenge… just like it takes a whole team to win a hockey game. You cannot defeat a mental health challenge by yourself… and that does not mean you are weak…that means you are human.

We cannot prevent traumas and tragedies from happening, but with help you can heal from their impact (the rewiring they did on your brain). It is possible to heal when you have a team for support. Nothing is impossible… like Marilyn Monroe said:

“Nothing is impossible the word itself says I’m possible.” — Marilyn Monroe

Start to create your very own team C.R.A.I.G. today and feel your world shift.

(Team C.R.A.I.G. stands for Creating Resilience and Awareness Inspired through Guidance) this is what the charity Speaking Through C.R.A.I.G. – Solutions Inc. also stands for, and it is what the charity encourages you to do at their M.E. Day events.               #HartlInspired


Video on What Access Bars and Foundations is all about:

WTF is Bars and Foundation anyway??? (katherineoster.com)


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