Our Presentation

  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Me-Day

The presentation is about
1.5 hours in length.

Hello, my name is Kim...

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A brief overview of our presentation

Anxiety & Depression

  • Learn about the signs to look for in a person that may be challenged with anxiety and depression.
  • Learn about how some Western doctors are taking the non pharmacological approach to anxiety and depression.
  • Learn about other modalities and therapies available that may help an individual faced with these challenges.
  • Learn about the “New Wave” approach (what I view as the ancient practices brought back) to anxiety, depression, and PTSD.
  • Learn about “Bullying and Cyber Bullying/Harassment.”
  • Learn about the consequences of what bullying can do to others.
  • Learn about how bullying causes both the person being bullied and the bully anxiety and in some cases depression.
  • Learn about modalities that may help the person being bullied, the person who is bullying, and the others affected.
  • Learn ways you can help yourself when experiencing feelings of Anxiety and Depression…..a 911 help yourself kit.

Anxiety & Depression Stress Test

Click here for test.

Warning Signs of Mental Illness – Project Semicolon

Click here to view warning signs.


M.E. Day is an afternoon or evening event held once a year to raise money for our Non-Profit,

Speaking Through C.R.A.I.G. – Solutions Inc. Our non-profit raises funds to support our three Projects and our M.E. Day Event.

This year we will postpone due to CoVid-19 and will announce a future date to hold this event when circumstances allow.

I address the above in my presentation. Click the button below to view more therapy options
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